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Give your dustbin a makeover! | Daily Dump tells you how

Give your dustbin a makeover! | Daily Dump tells you how

Once you start to segregate waste at home and collect your organic waste separately, there is nothing soggy left to go in the dustbins. So, the bin does not need a plastic lining anymore and newspaper is more than sufficient.

Learn to make a simple newspaper cone and you will find that you only need to throw this out once in a few days.

stepwise instructions from Daily Dump on how to make a newspaper cone for your dustbin and reduce plastic bags going to landfill

Every home throwing one less plastic bag daily really adds up. Your home alone saves at least 365 plastic bags from landfill every year.

It hurts us to see offices with bins under every desk, all lined with plastic and thrown everyday! Surely we could all switch to newspaper? It only take a few minutes to make a week’s supply of cones. Get your family involved and make it a fun time! 

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