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Next Gen Earth Champions | Meet a young Daily Dump Ambassador

Next Gen Earth Champions | Meet a young Daily Dump Ambassador

Quite often, our growing community of composting champions reach out to us at Daily Dump and warm our hearts with thoughtful, grateful messages of how we have helped them in their composting journey. As our efforts continue to focus on winning an uphill battle against climate change and pollution, it is stories from you, our beloved customers, that keep us motivated and inspired.


everyone can compost - Daily Dump compost for kitchen garden

Last week, we received an exceptionally inspiring message from one of our customers, Ms. Juliee Joshi, whose family has been composting together in their home compost bin for over a year now. They wrote to us saying,

“We started composting a couple of years back and now with the Daily Dump Remix powder , it’s been a smooth process and we have been able to compost without any break for more than a year. Our kids too help us with it now! We have 15 kg of compost every alternate weekend which we give away in our community.” 

They also shared a lovely video of their daughter taking us through the process of composting like a pro! Instances such as these are what we hold very close to our hearts, and it keeps our eyes on the prize – where the beautiful minds of tomorrow are joining the composting community today, and doing it with a passion and dedication that puts a wide smile on our faces. 

Check out the young composting champion in action: 

Daily Dump home composters in India have become an integral part of a growing number of families and homes. The pandemic has been challenging and terrible to say the least, but it has also made more and more of us reflective of the kind of lifestyles we have been leading. Spending a larger portion of our day at home, with our loved ones, has helped us realise there are more vital things to be done with our time – like looking after our planet that has given us so much!

This is why Ms. Juilee and her family’s video, starring her daughter, is such an inspiration as they are putting their best composting foot forward, looking to make the most out of these lockdowns to enhance their every day. Composting not only reduces our impact on the environment but also helps us take care of our plants better with organic waste converted to nutritious ‘black gold’. Seeing one’s daily kitchen waste become a resource in the compost bin can also be therapeutic once it becomes a part of your day-to-day. 

Daily Dump young ambassador

We would love to hear your composting story or anything else you would like to share with the Daily Dump community. Feel free to write to us at hello@dailydump.org or drop us a message on our social media channels.

You can also reach our WhatsApp helpline at +91 9916422440

Take care, stay safe, and Happy Composting! 

28 May 2021


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