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5 Reasons why Panchagavya is a must-have for your garden

5 Reasons why Panchagavya is a must-have for your garden

Have you always wished you had a magic wand for a healthy, blooming garden? You are not alone!

So have many of our composting champions, who are also keen home gardeners. They often ask us for simple and safe remedies for different issues in the garden. And while there are several DIY solutions and many garden products out there, choosing one that's just right for you can be quite a challenge...We get it. 

Since 2006 when Daily Dump started, our journey has been a hands-on discovery, learning and understanding of soil, food, and Nature's cycles. We have also grown to deeply appreciate the little and not-so-little creatures who make such a wonderful flow of resources and nutrition possible in Nature. 

This understanding has also strengthened our belief that while we can treat the symptoms of plant diseases, unless we enrich and nourish our soils -  our plants, our food and we will not be healthy. And we now offer you Panchagavya - wonder plant food - for a healthy garden 

Daily Dump Panchagavya for healthy plants

What is Panchagavya?

Traditional farming in India has always had the cow at its centre and Panchagavya has been an essential part of such ancient farming practices.  (Pancha ~ five ; gavya ~  of the cow). Panchagavya consists of 5 main ingredients that include milk, curd, ghee (clarified butter), cow dung and cow urine from Desi cows. Daily Dump Panchagavya  is further formulated with tender coconut, banana, jaggery, liquid Trichoderma and enzymes. 

How does Panchagavya benefit plant and soil health?

What this magic potion enables for plants and soil is 

  1. Increased microbial population and biodiversity and soil fertility
  2. Increased availability of macro and micro nutrients to plants 
  3. Higher plant immunity and resistance to disease
  4. Healthy organic plant growth
  5. Consistency in good yield 

Panchagavya contains a significant proportion of macronutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium as well as micronutrients like Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, Copper, Manganese that are required for the growth and development of plants. It also contains various amino acids, vitamins, and growth regulators like Auxins, Gibberellins.

Actinomycetes, Pseudomonas, Azotobacter, Lactobacillus, Yeast, photosynthetic bacteria, fungi are just some of the beneficial naturally occurring microorganisms present in Panchagavya that play a major role as growth enhancer for crops and make the soil more productive.

Why Living Soil is important

The most important benefit of Panchagavya is that it helps to build and nourish living soil.  Only soil that is living is healthy. Soil microorganisms play a critical role in increasing soil fertility - they break down organic matter into a form that plants can absorb, they increase aeration, strengthen soil structure, and  are an important  sink for mineral nutrients. 

It is only when soil is alive and healthy with a diverse microbial population that we can grow a range of healthy plants for our nutrition. Read more to know why we all need Living Soil.

How to use Panchagavya in the garden?

  • Panchagavya should be used only after diluting with water. A 3% solution is usually advised which means about 20-30ml Panchagavya for every 1000ml of untreated water.
  • Mix 1 cap of Daily Dump Panchagavya with 2 litres of water.
  • Use as liquid manure: Pour the diluted solution of Panchagavya in your planters once in two weeks. About 250 ml of the diluted mix is sufficient for every plant. watch this short video
  • Use as Pest-control: Fill a spray bottle with the diluted solution and spray your plants once a month or when you notice pests in the garden. Do not add any pesticides or chemicals to this solution. watch video
  • Use as Seed treatment: Soak seeds in this solution for 15-20 minutes and then sow them. 
  • You will notice a distinct smell persisting for about 8-10 hours after you use the solution. This is good and required - as it drives away unwanted plant pests. 
  • For best results, use diluted solution within two days of preparation. 
  • Add Panchagavya to plants only in indirect light or in the evening.
  • Once opened, use Panchagavya within 1 year.  
  • Store in a cool place sheltered from direct sunlight. 
  • Do not close the bottle too tight. 

Can Panchagavya be made at home?

Sure! There are several videos and recipes online to guide you. It takes a minimum of 20 days and make sure that you source ingredients from desi cows as it is their gut microbes that help build soil biodiversity and health. 

When you use Panchagavya in our gardens and for our plants, you contribute to conserving living soil. It ensures better health for plants and soil, rather than only treating a symptom or disease. When you combine this with your home compost, you don't need to buy any other soil amendment or fertiliser for your plants.  

Home composting is simple, easy and magical and needs just 1 square foot of floor space! If you haven't started composting yet, we are here to help. 

Ask us how +91 9916422440 | +91 9916426661 | hello@dailydump.org 

22 June 2021


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