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ReRoute City - a Daily Dump design collaboration

ReRoute City - a Daily Dump design collaboration

What kind of city do we want to build for our kids?

Approximately 1,800 Indians move from rural areas to a city every hour. And by 2050, 60% of Indians will be living in cities.

With our cities already bursting at their seams, it is difficult to imagine this. But, given that it is a reality, we must explore ways to make our cities move from grey to green and blue. We must!

The ReRoute City Project is our collaboration with the very diverse and wonderful local Design Community to create prototypes of “green-blue” alternatives for more livable, circular and sustainable cities. The purpose is to explore prototypes that are easily implementable and aspirational - culturally and socially. 

“At the heart of the city lies an opportunity, as urban density presents a greener way of living. Urban density can create the possibility for a better quality of life and a lower carbon footprint through more efficient infrastructure and improved urban planning. Therefore, cities and private actors must work together to showcase new models for decarbonized development, buildings, and services to households and businesses in hopes for their widespread uptake and adoption.”

From the Reinventing Cities document

How Will Re.Route City work?

The first design challenge is an invite-only project. Based on this prototype we will then tweak and set in place the structure for more projects. Our road map :
  • Step 1. Daily Dump formulates a 'special purpose team' to plan and run the initiative. The team members are curated to bring in all expertise required for this mind-to-market project. 
  • Step 2. Team creates the seasonal challenge. It also creates the Design Brief, Curates the Research Material and works to create local stakeholder involvement. 
  • Step 3. Invites and briefs the participating design teams. 
  • Step 4. Provides support and inputs from experts during the design process
  • Step 5. Collects and evaluates design submissions with a panel and participants.
  • Step 6. Selected designs are developed/detailed for prototyping.
  • Step 7. Implementation and disseminate the designs chosen.
  • Step 8. Unimplemented design/ideas are documented online for reference and future use.


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