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How to choose the best Potting Mix for your plants

How to choose the best Potting Mix for your plants

The biggest challenge is the mindset about the importance of soil… There is a need to change our values and thinking with regards to the importance of soil and the environment.

Prof. Rattan Lal, winner of 2020 World Food Prize

We grow plants for joy, for food, for feeling connected to Nature and for so much more. Whatever the reason, the soil we use to grow our plants plays a key role in the health of the plant. It is also closely linked to our own health and that of the Earth. 

With close to 30% of the soil in India already degraded, our individual action of growing plants and choosing the right soil can have a huge impact on protecting soil biodiversity and health.

How to choose the right Potting Mix?

Asha Potting Mix ingredients for all plants

The best soil is soil that is alive! That's when microbial population is healthy and nutrient flow to plants is optimum. 

For container gardens, using garden soil/red earth alone for pots would make it too dense and cause compaction. It would also not provide a good balance of nutrients for plants. 

👉🏼 A good rule of thumb is to choose potting soil/mix that is light and well aerated.

👉🏼 Avoid potting soil that includes chemical fertilisers

👉🏼 A good potting mix ensures the right texture and porosity

👉🏼 It should include organic fertilisers and other ingredients to offer a well balanced nutrient content for your plants.

👉🏼 It should include beneficial microbes for soil and plant health. 

How to use Potting Mix in the garden? 

Some potting mix in the market may be soil-less and would require you to add garden soil. While others are ready-to-use and just need you to sow seeds and water regularly.

Some are specific to grow certain kinds of plants while others are universal and all-purpose.  Know your potting mix before getting started. 

Get started with Asha Potting Mix-bring fresh hope to plants and soil! 

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