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The Daily Dump Experience

The Daily Dump Experience

My first memory of the entire Daily dump story goes back to when I was a student in Srishti. At that point of time, all we knew is Poonam was doing some kind of experiment with a few students in the basement next to the computer lab. It resulted in a lot of weird and funky smells emanating from the plastic containers to maggots crawling all around the basement. Who knew that experiment would one day turn into Daily Dump, an amazing venture which made composting cool & fun!.

I started working part time with Daily Dump when it was just about taking off and we were all grappling with the idea of How do you sell the idea of waste to a customer, let alone a product that helps you manage your waste?. It definitely felt quite impossible and every customer we managed to get was a huge achievement as it wasn't just a product that was being sold, but a change in mindset and a way of living.

Now when I look at Daily Dump the whole journey seems amazing!! 15 years and so many lives touched and changed.

For me personally, Daily Dump is a space where no idea is “silly or stupid”, it is a place filled with possibilities and where everyone has a say. The people of Daily Dump for me are the most important part which makes Daily Dump what it is, the people are at the core of anything planned to design, right from the potter, to kabadiwala to the customer. When I was with Daily Dump it was a small team, some of whom are still with Daily Dump, Poonam of course allowing us a place to explore ideas and also find our own sense of direction. Savitha, Vinita, Anupama, Girish, Delara, Beulah & Kallappa - we were such a mixed bunch but somehow made it work and had loads of fun & food while doing so !!

Shweta says Daily Dump values all ideas

Loads of love to the Daily Dump Team and wishing Daily Dump many many more years of success.

My experience with composting and waste

I think for me one of the main things that has stayed with me and opened my eyes to actually what is happening to the environment and the impact was when Delara and I started the Kabbadiwala project which eventually turned into the “Trash Trail ''.

Research for Daily Dump trash trail

When both of us started I don't think we envisioned the journey it would take us on and I don't even remember how we landed up in Nayandahalli, but I don't think I will ever forget the massive piles of plastic, bottles and various other dry waste. I never knew there were so many people involved, their livelihoods and a whole entire industry based on “Waste”, something we so carelessly just threw away without the thought of where it ends up. It definitely puts into perspective that one bottle you threw away and think oh it's just one bottle, adds up to so much more.

I think I used to argue with you Poonam  -  how can one person doing something in their own house matter -  well I know I had those arguments in my head at least !!. Now I know it matters, every small action matters and helps us make it a better, cleaner place.


Thank you Shwetha for your piece!


Daily Dump is brand of waste management products and services that help you do your bit to reduce the mess. We proudly make in India, for India.

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