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Welcome, 2021 – Get ready for many more Composting Ustads!

Welcome, 2021 – Get ready for many more Composting Ustads!

Welcome 2021 - Get ready for many more Composting Ustads!

Yup, 2021 has arrived with a promise of behaving better than 2020.

2021 is also the year Daily Dump becomes Fifteen (15).

So for us it is symbolic to reach this milestone from a tunnel of intense churn of 2020. We have survived as a small business without being really adept at running a business. We looked after our team, our extended supplier network and potter community and kept working to service customers with safety protocols in place. Maybe its luck or maybe we are doing something right! Whatever the case may be we are really grateful to have weathered this time to come out more agile and resolute.

We will continue to find ways to make the customer experience of composting easy and simple to adopt. We will continue to improve and design new products, services and communication that clarifies the practical and the poetic need to make sustainable choices.

But what I have found revealing is that self-reliance, wellbeing, value for nature and the sense of community are triggered when you choose to make earth friendly choices. This is not to say that everyone who composts is a saint – not at all.  But their daily act has the potential of creating the ground for more compassion and wellbeing in themselves and that is very valuable. It is like vitamin N that Doctors prescribe – going out into nature.

In our high rise urban jungles working from home, we had so many customers share their stories of how composting made them feel better. Now that is reason enough to persist in reaching our work to more folks.

Our team has set a 5 point agenda for the coming year:

👉🏼 Make sure all customers become composting “ustads” with interest in other sustainable choices

👉🏼 Make composting even easier to do in urban spaces, individual and community

👉🏼 Partner more with other likeminded brands to create more value for the earth

👉🏼 Get customers to teach us new pathways

👉🏼 Have fun and take care of each of each other on this journey

Today as we get ready to usher in a brand New Year, we as a team look forward with optimism, energy and hope.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year and suggest that if you have not tried composting – 2021 is a good time to start!

Poonam Bir Kasturi




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