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Why we need to choose safer cleaners

Why we need to choose safer cleaners

We all like a clean home...Who doesn't, right??

The problem is, what we typically use to clean our homes actually ends up harming us and everything around; creating a mess - slowly, invisibly. 

Read on to know how this happens; and learn about simple switches you can make to your everyday household cleaners to create a big impact. 

What’s wrong with commercial household cleaners?

To start with, commercial household cleaners contain very strong chemical ingredients that, with prolonged exposure, have severe effects on our bodies. Most often, these effects are invisible in the short-term and build up over time, causing irreversible damage; especially to our immunity, respiratory system, nervous system and hormones. 

Enough research has been done to show the kind of impact each of the ingredients in our everyday cleaners have. In fact, they are even referred to as the Dirty Dozen ! 

But, without these ingredients, are natural cleaners effective?  

 Our idea of clean is also influenced by what we have been told. That foam cleans, that all microbes are bad for us. The truth is we don’t always need strong ingredients for cleaning. There are several ways to clean, disinfect and sanitise without poisoning ourselves. 

If you are interested in understanding this further, do  sign up for our next ‘Building Green Muscle’ workshop. 

How to switch to safer cleaning alternatives? 

Often some of the most basic items in our kitchen can do a great job of cleaning. Lemons, vinegar, baking soda, soapnuts, salt, tamarind - these are just some of the cleaning alternatives we are sure to have at hand. 

You can also make a very powerful cleaner from all your citrus waste - think lemon peels, sweet lime (moosambi) and grapefruit peels too! 

Write to us for 2 quick and easy recipes using citrus peels and soapnuts. With these 2 cleaning solutions on your shelf, you'll cover most of your cleaning requirements at home! 

What if I don’t have the time to make a DIY cleaner?

There are several safe, natural and cost-effective solutions available today in the market that you can opt for. Find local solutions. Use social media to ask others in your circle. You’ll be surprised at the good work being done by many in this area. We have some easy solutions for you here.

How do you clean your home? Share your experience and learn from others too. Connect with us @dailydumpcompost 


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