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Zero Waste Wedding Clothing | tips from Daily Dump

Zero Waste Wedding Clothing | tips from Daily Dump

Here at Daily Dump we recently celebrated the marriage of the son of one of our team members. And, of course, it was a Zero Waste wedding! Starting with the website announcing all the fun-filled details for the wedding, friends and family were also alerted to how they should handle their disposable waste in their hotel rooms, all of which were supplied with our handy Saviour Bags so it could be segregated.

zerowaste wedding clothes

Each day this month we’re offering you tips we learned while planning this wedding so you, too, can try to reduce waste at the weddings or events you plan.

Wedding planning tip #4: Brides especially relish shopping for what they’ll wear on their wedding day – whether it’s a saree or a Western style wedding gown – and these tips apply to men’s attire as well! There are lots of ways to think about having a smaller carbon footprint when you purchase your clothes.

1. Borrow your saree or gown from a friend or relative.

2. Buy a second-hand saree or gown.

3. If you want a silk saree, buy Ahimsa Silk as it is humane to the silkworm.

3. Buy handloom sarees.

4. Rent your lehengas, sarees, gowns, kurta pjyamas, or suits from the several options available to us now ...for instance Etashee or Kiabza 

5. When you go shopping, make sure no one wraps anything in plastic and be sure to carry your own cloth bags – our Bag in Bag works great for this – so as not to take any disposable plastic sacks. If the shop wants to wrap anything in plastic – or if it comes in a plastic wrap already – just ask them to keep it. This way, shops will learn that customers don’t want extra waste and they may even stop using it altogether!

Looking for party favours or ideas for a zero waste wedding too? Write to us 

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