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Zero Waste Weddings | tips from Daily Dump

Zero Waste Weddings | tips from Daily Dump

What would a wedding be without flowers? Those vivid orange and yellow marigolds. Those beautiful red roses. We enjoy them for such a short time, and then what happens to them?

zero waste wedding tips

At most wedding halls, a good bet is it all gets mixed with whatever other waste was produced for the event and sent to the landfill.

To reduce the amount of flower waste at your wedding there are lots of possibilities. There are some people who decide to do without flowers completely – using saplings and greenery, some of which makes for terrific gifts for your guests. Why not try coconut fronds as a lovely decoration? Or potted herb saplings? It makes for lovely symbolism.

If you do use flowers, for your hair, bouquets, decorations try to limit how much you use and choose a local source to purchase them from. Also, use natural materials to string the flowers together so it can all be composted together!

wedding flowers composting

But if your heart is set on having flowers deck the halls of your wedding venue, fear not! There are plenty of things you can do with them when you’re done!

  1. Connect with an organisation like Pune-based Eco-Exist, which runs a programme that uses flower waste to make Holi colours.
  2. Talk to organisations like Kanpur-based Help Us Green where they make wonderful agarbatti out of puja flower waste and the packaging is made out of tulasi seed paper that you can plant when you’re finished!
  3. There’s also the Mumbai-based Green Wave that’s making agarbatti out of flower waste from puja.
  4. Then there is the American-based Repeat Roses which collects flowers after weddings and events. They repurpose the flowers and make bouquets which they deliver to sick and elderly people in hospitals. When the flowers die, they collect them again and compost them on their farms. This is definitely a project that deserves to be reinvented in India!

Of course, you can always compost the flowers using one of our composters. If it’s a modest amount of wedding flowers you maybe able to fit them into our Pooja composter. if it’s a large amount, our leaf composters will work just as well. There are many composting options. The important thing is to not let these beautiful flowers wind up as toxic sludge in a landfill!

If you’re careful about how much you’re using, what you’re using and what you do with it when you’re finished you can definitely reduce the amount of waste your wedding produces.

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