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Flowers Don't Die - Project Workbook and Resource Set

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Contentsdigital workbook and project resource set 
Ideal forchildren, young adults, corporate teams, resident welfare associations, 
Print sizeA4 (ISO)

Flowers Don't Die is an exciting project workbook and resource that helps to engage with current ideas of climate change, circular economy at a hyperlocal level. Designed to be interactive, fun and interesting. Using the example of a local florist business, this workbook and resource  set encourages first-hand understanding of the challenges of running a small business, including “greening” a business. It seeks to foster a cross-pollination of people from different walks of life in the hope that it will create engagement, friendship, empathy and perhaps some new pathways for greener practices. 

Use the Flowers Don't Die resource with children at home, in school, in your neighbourhood. Or use it with colleagues at the workplace as an employee engagement community activity or as a project at your housing society. It will offer a great opportunity to build key skills including critical thinking, reflection, project management, and user-centred research.


Directions for Use 

  • This resource set includes 7 documents. We suggest going through all of them first before getting started.
  • The Flowers Don't Die workbook is the main document that you should read first.
  • On starting the project, your inputs for the activities and exercises in this workbook can be added in soft copy. Or you can print the workbook if you wish to.
  • There are 2 Case Study decks. The first is a case study of Daily Dump's work with florists in our. neighbourhood - to share our experience and learnings before you start. The second case study deck includes different examples of those working with flower waste.
  • The Project Tracker Template is a spreadsheet that can also be filled in soft copy.
  • The Conversation Starter Cards are prompts designed to help you in your interaction with the local business.
  • The Flower Composting deck explains how to compost flower waste easily.
  • The Brochure is designed as a starting point for you to share with the local business towards the later part of the project.
    This resource has been designed and published by Daily Dump in-house. Any other products or accessories shown in the photographs are for representational purpose only.

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SKU: CB0041

  • This is a digital product.
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  • Description

    • Flowers Don't Die is a comprehensive project workbook and resource set. 
    • Ideal for children above 9-14 year olds and adults.
    • Helps engage with current ideas of 'climate change', 'global warming', at a hyperlocal level.
    • Encourages new pathways for greener practices and a healthier, friendlier city.
    • Builds skills of reflection, critical thinking, and empathy
    • Designed and published by Daily Dump in-house.
    • Great gift idea
  • Care

    • If you print the book, donate to a library once your child outgrows them.
  • Warranty