Isjr2sjr1t was a Sunday morning well spent – with a group of motivated and interesting people at this layout on Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

Some of the residents who had already been composting using the Daily Dump kambhas for a few months, were keen to get their neighbors also started. Over an interactive 3 hours that we spent, the residents discussed, clarified their doubts, watched some films and got to see the kambha in action in the homes of Om, Deepak and Seetharaman.

The following weekend, a sizeable number of homes have got their kambhas and have begun composting!

This is what Om shared, after the demo and delivery

Hi Poonam and Team, Thanks a lot for the delivery, wishes and support offer. We aim to reduce the dropout rate in layout to zero. Will keep you posted and really banking on your support to achieve the goal.



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