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Cleanups, Composting and more in the Himalayas | Pradeep Sangwan on The Daily Dump Blog

Pradeep Sangwan started the Healing Himalayas project in 2016, organising waste clean ups at treks in Himalayan region, and have now set up 3 MRF centres in the state, and plan to expand more. This Environment Day, we reached out to hear from Pradeep, for his take on littering, recycling, handling organic waste and moving towards sustainable living and a circular economy.

Celebrating World Environment Day! | June Events Calendar

Mark your dates and come meet us at these events all through June 2022!

Overcoming composting challenges: #CompostingWarrior Anisha Nayak shares her journey!

Inspired by Vani Murthy (@wormrani), Anisha Nayak (@udyanavana) wanted to compost at home. But she was worried she wouldn't have any space, it would smell, or worse, there would be flies. How did she start composting then? Read on to hear her story!

Black Gold – what is that?

Black Gold - what is that?

Most of us do not know that our kitchen waste can actually produce a very valuable material which is called Black Gold, since from the perspective of the earth, it is even more valuable than yellow gold! 

Community Composting – an unnecessary fad or a real need?

Read on to know more about what community composting really involves and how you can get your community on board too!


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