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Overcoming composting challenges: #CompostingWarrior Anisha Nayak shares her journey!

Overcoming composting challenges: #CompostingWarrior Anisha Nayak shares her journey!

Anisha is using the Mota Lota Large, suitable for a family of 4-5.

I came across home composting after watching videos by Vani Murthy Mam on her instagram handle @wormrani. Her videos made me feel like composting was so easy and enjoyable. Before that I had the notion that it is something only people with free ground space can do.

When I moved to a new home with a bigger balcony I started growing more plants at home and read about the magic of homemade compost on the plants. Seeing so much kitchen waste go to waste bothered me. I still didn't compost thinking about the odour, bugs, the cost involved, the effort I needed to put in or if I would be able to continue after I start

That is when my apartment folks asked residents to come forward in an anaerobic home composting trial. I took part in it. It took me a few months to get this right but my first trial was a success and I was so proud of myself seeing the end result. Though I had watched videos on composting, I was so surprised at how nicely the green waste had turned into black gold. 

After that there was no looking back. I later learnt about aerobic composting and started composting in terracotta pots that were lying around and later bought myself a Khamba from Daily Dump because of their vertical design. I haven't thrown any green waste outside since the last two years!

Composting in an apartment has its own challenges but nothing that we can't overcome.

Space is the biggest concern, but products like Khamba are coming up which help in setting up composting units even in small spaces.

Brown Material for composting
Getting enough brown leaves is a challenge, I use a combination of fallen leaves from my own garden, twigs, cocopeat, hay, brown paper bags, half done compost after sieving etc. Remix Powder makes composting hassle-free.

Three simple steps to compost everyday


If the compost bin does not have the right composition it can smell, while this might not be noticeable in open spaces, it can become an issue if compost bins are placed in small balconies. Add more browns if the compost smells, it will take few trials to learn but my experience says that the bin that has the right composition of greens and browns doesn't smell.

Flies and Pests
There can be flies around the compost bins if waste is not covered properly, hide the green waste in enough brown waste and cover with a paper/cloth. Lizards/cockroaches can find ways into the composter, make sure that the composter is closed properly with a lid.

Cover the compost to prevent flies. Mix the compost to prevent smell.


Moisture level of the compost
Compost can become dry if kept in open space which receives sunlight, add some water to keep the pile moist and turn it frequently for air circulation. On the contrary, it can become soggy if it's exposed to rain, so cover the composter with a rain cover.

What do we do with the done compost?
If there are not enough plants to use the compost, donate the compost to fellow gardeners. We love gifts like these!

Once compost is ready, sieve it and use it for your plants!

So, are you ready to overcome your composting challenges? 

Take this quiz to find the composter that works for you!

So, gather all your waste, get your composter, and do your bit for the Earth!

You can reach out to Daily Dump for any help or queries! Email hello@dailydump.org or WhatsApp 9916422440.

Happy Composting!


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