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Remix Powder 3kg for smell-free, easy home composting

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Dimensions (inches)23"L x 15"W x 6"Gusset
Contentscocopeat powder enriched with microbes
Usagedaily to layer kitchen waste in composter
Ideal for ensuring smell-free, stir-free composting

Daily Dump Remix Powder is our magic mix, guaranteed to help you get home composting right in one try! It absorbs extra water, provides air gaps for circulation and keeps away any foul odour. It also hastens the process of decomposition. Made of cocopeat, microbes and mature compost, making Remix Powder is a labour-intensive process. We do it so you can save time! Making this Remix Powder involves breaking up blocks of cocopeat with the addition of water. The resultant moist powder is then fully sun-dried before mixing with microbes and compost in the right proportion. This is then packed for your use. Moist cocopeat is not as effective in aerobic home composting.

Directions for use 

  • Layer wet kitchen waste with 3-4 handfuls of Remix Powder everyday.
  • No waste should be visible, this helps control fruit flies.
  • No need for daily stirring.
  • This 3kg bag of Remix Powder should last you about 3-4 weeks.
  • Add Neem powder and Compost Microbes weekly to maintain healthy, optimum decomposition.
  • Try the Keep Composting Kit for uninterrupted hassle-free composting.

Remix Powder has more volume than weight, which results in disproportionately larger shipping charges by third-party vendors. Rates at Partner premises include the shipping costs and this needs to be factored in while ordering. Please remember we are a small enterprise and shipping is out of our control. For those keen to avoid shipping costs, and who have the time and space to make their own cocopeat powder, you can try Daily Dump CocoBrick
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SKU: RM0105

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  • Also available at Daily Dump outlets in select cities 
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  • Description

    • Ideal for smell-free kitchen waste home composting.
    • 3kg handy pack lasts about 1 month
    • Made of cocopeat, mature compost and microbial culture
    • Encourages microbial activity for optimal rate of composting.
    • Absorbs excess moisture and reduces odour and stirring.
    • Use daily to fully cover kitchen waste
    • Refer product videos to see how to use.
    • Save more on your composting essentials with the Keep Composting Kit.
  • Care

    • Use Remix Powder within 1 year of purchase.
    • Keep in airtight container or seal the bag after every use.
    • Store in a dry place
  • Warranty

    • All our products are quality checked.
    • Please check the material when you pick up from store or when it is delivered to you.
    • We will not be able to entertain a complaint once you have accepted the product and our person has left your premises.
    • In case, you receive a damaged item do contact us within 7 days of receipt.
    • Email us a few photographs with the order number to hello@dailydump.org

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