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PBK Waste Solut...

Sorting Station for organising dry recyclable waste

Dimensions (inches) 22.5"L x 19" W x 21.5"H 
Contentssteel rods and screws for frame + 4 jute bags + instruction leaflet 
Material Frame Steel | Bags Jute  
Ideal fororganising dry waste at home before recycling.

Ever wondered how you can be an Earth hero just from home? Well, here's a great example! 

Segregation is key to keeping materials valuable and wasting less. So why not give it the importance it deserves with this fun, bright sorting station. It fits neatly into a corner or under a counter and gets the whole family interested and involved in recognizing various materials and keeping them clean, dry and separate. Use it to segregate paper, plastic, metal, glass and e-waste. Support the livelihoods of informal waste workers with this small action and show you care. 

The stand comes flat packed to save on courier charges. It is easy to assemble at your end with a spanner. Assembly instructions included. 

Directions for use 

  • Read assembly instructions included with product
  • Use a spanner to assemble the frame as per instructions included
  • Fill bags with dry recyclable waste
  • Carry bag when full to hand over contents to local recycler /kabadiwalla.

Bag colour may vary from that shown in the photograph. Any other products or accessories shown in the photographs are for representational purpose only.

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PBK Waste Solut...

Cooler Bags set of 10 | for vegetables and more

Dimensions (inches)10 x 11 | 11 x 8 | 5 x 8 | 15 x 10 | 23 x 5 
Contentsset of 10 cotton bags in 5 assorted sizes
Material  100% cotton
Ideal for for storage, shopping and gifting 

Washable and reusable, these multipurpose bags are a must-have in your home. 

The different sizes have been designed to suit a range of uses 

Use them to wrap gifts, shop for vegetables, carry snacks, store personal accessories or delicate clothes, store vegetables in the fridge, or any other use you find!

Wash and store in a dry place. 

Made by women co-operative groups as part of a livelihood generation project. Any other products or accessories shown in the photographs are for representational purpose only.

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PBK Waste Solut...

Bag in Bag | multipurpose upcycled cloth shoulder bag

Dimensions (inches)Bag 14.5"H x 14"W | Pouch 6.5"H x 5"W
Contentssingle cloth bag with handles and attached carry pouch
MaterialUpcycled cotton fabric 
Usagefor shopping, travel, gifting
Ideal forreplacing single use plastic at home

How often have you wanted to make that unplanned stopover to buy seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, while out for a walk or getting back from work?  With the Daily Dump Bag in a Bag, you can do just that - with no added guilt of another plastic bag. With its nifty carry pouch you can keep this bag in your bag, pocket or vehicle. Includes a loop that helps you attach it to the side of your bag or backpack. Made of upcycled fabric and old sarees - adding to your sustainable lifestyle quotient.

It makes for a great gift for friends, colleagues and family - a cool way to nudge and spread the #lessplastic habit. 

Each bag comes in a different colour and pattern since it is upcycled from pre-loved fabric. Any other products or accessories shown in the photographs are for representational purpose only.

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PBK Waste Solut...

Nano Khamba | Hands-on Test Composter Kit & Teaching Tool

Dimensions (inches)Total 15"H * 5"Diameter
Materialhandcrafted terracotta
Usagetest and teaching tool for aerobic home composting 
Contents 3 terracotta units + 1 lid + sample pack of Remix Powder + activity sheet 

The Nano Khamba is a miniature version of our award-winning 3 Tier Khamba home composter. It is designed as a test kit and a teaching tool. It introduces the idea and practice of composting. It encourages sensorial and experiential learning.  The Nano Khamba helps kids get hands-on to learn and understand the joys of composting by trying it first-hand themselves. Start them young!  Comes with a complimentary pack of Remix powder and fun activity sheet. Used in many school projects and for demo kits too. Pair with the Magic Gamla Pot for a great learning experience. 

Our terracotta products are handmade by craftspeople and may vary slightly in size & form from the photograph. All other accessories in the photographs are for representational purpose only.

A Nano Khamba can only hold a few fruit and veg peels and cannot be used to compost the full kitchen waste that a household generates.

PBK Waste Solut...

Bamboo Straw Set with cleaner | washable and reusable

Dimensions Straws 8 inch L x 6-8 mm Dia
MaterialStraws Bamboo | Cleaner Bamboo & steel | Pouch Jute
Contents2 Straws + 1 Cleaner + jute pouch

The Bamboo Straw Set is a cool, reusable and sustainable alternative to single use plastic straws. So you can enjoy that refreshing cool drink anytime, anywhere with no added guilt!  This set comes with 2 bamboo straws and 1 natural fibre brush in a convenient jute pouch that you can carry in your bag. It's easy to clean and reuse. A good gift idea for anyone who enjoys sustainable choices. Great for kids to keep in their bags too. For corporate gifting, write to us 

Bamboo for this product is sourced from sustainable forestry. Any other products or accessories shown in the photographs are for representational purpose only.

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PBK Waste Solut...

Sensible Kora Bags | set of 10 reusable cloth bags for shopping

Dimensions (inches)Small 5" x 4.5" | Large 10.5" x 7.5" 
Contentsset of 10 cotton bags
Material kora cotton
Ideal for for storage, shopping and gifting 

Your vegetable and grocery shopping just got healthier! Use these well finished kora cloth bags. They can be washed and stored and re-used in your kitchen. They are so light and compact, that they can sit in your handbag and be handy for your unplanned shopping! No more plastic and clogging of drains.Kora cotton is a strong and durable fabric and will last you for a long time. The bags are sized to carry up to 1 kg of Rice and 500g- 1 kg of vegetable and 250 gms of spices.

A great gift to a friend who enjoys sustainable choices.You can even add a personal touch with paints, stencils or tie and dye!

Bags made by women's co-operative groups as part of a livelihood programme. Any other products or accessories shown in the photographs are for representational purpose only.

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PBK Waste Solut...

108 Soapy Nuts Organic Laundry Detergent | machine & handwash

Dimensions (inches)Pack 8"L x 4"W x 1"gusset
Quantity330 grams 
Ingredientsdeseeded Himalayan Soap nuts (soap berry)
ContentsSoapnuts, 1 muslin pouch , instruction leaflet
UsageMachine wash and hand wash of laundry
Ideal forreplacing harmful chemical detergent

108 Soapynuts from Daily Dump is a 100% natural alternative to chemical laundry detergent and cleaners. Completely organic, soapnuts are the purest form of soap found in Nature. Naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal, soapnuts are particularly excellent for children’s delicate clothing and for those with eczema or sensitive skin. They are completely safe too. Daily Dump 108 Soapynuts is suitable for front and top loading machines as well as bucket wash. It can be used effectively on all fabrics and at all temperatures. It helps to maintain the colour and structure of fabrics for longer durations. By switching to soapnuts, you keep your family safe and avoid water pollution from commercial chemical detergents.

Reuse same set of soapnuts upto 2-3 times. You can safely dispose the soapnuts in your home composter after they have disintegrated. 

Download instruction leaflet from link below. 

*Soapnuts are also referred to as Washing Nuts or Reetha /Aritha (in Hindi) or Anthwaal Kai (Kannada).

 Incase, you receive a packet where the nuts are stuck together, please understand it is not a defect. Natural soapnuts are hygroscopic- they tend to absorb moisture quickly without affecting their quality and efficacy. 
Any other products or accessories shown in the photographs are for representational purpose only.

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PBK Waste Solut...

Gobble Solo Starter Kit | Easy stack compost bin to try composting

Dimensions (inches)Total 22"H x 8" Dia | Unit 7.5"H 
Capacity70grams kitchen waste daily
Contents3 units with lids + 350 gm Remix Powder  + Compost Microbes + Neem Powder +  Instruction sheet
UsageKitchen counter, balcony, terrace or utility area 
MaterialFood grade plastic
Ideal forTeaching or testing composting or as daily composter for single persons 

Do the messy garbage piles on our roads trouble you? If you live alone and don't cook much, the Gobble Solo 3 tier aerobic home compost bin is designed for you. Light, compact, smell-free and so easy to use - you can even use it on your kitchen counter! Paired with a Chomp or Leave-it-Pot, this Gobble Solo will help a single person manage kitchen waste comfortably for life! Each unit of Gobble Solo has a 3kg capacity.

The Gobble Solo is also widely used as a demo kit and as a test tool for those who are still hesitant about home composting. In fact, once you test it and love composting, you can gift it to someone!

Directions for use 

  • Layer kitchen waste with Remix Powder daily for odour-free, fool proof composting.
  • Harvest compost every time the base unit is full (about every 6 weeks).
  • Wipe the water that condenses on the underside of the lid to avoid flies.
  • Watch video and read included instruction sheet for more.

Patterns on the product may vary from that shown in the photographs. Any other products or accessories shown in the photographs are for representational purpose only.

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