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Are Daily Dump Remix Powder & CocoBrick the same?

Are Daily Dump Remix Powder & CocoBrick the same?

Whether you've been using Daily Dump Remix Powder for home composting and know all about its magical powers or if you're new to composting, you are in the right place! Read on as we compare Remix Powder with CocoBrick to help you make the right decision for your home. 

When we first launched Remix Powder almost 10 years ago, it was in response to feedback from our customers. Many could not access dry leaves or other carbon sources for their compost. We also learnt that a large number of urban homes did not have the time or space to convert cocopeat blocks into loose cocopeat powder. Remix Powder has been a big boon for such families and homes. Making Remix Powder is labour intensive and buying it ready from us, saves you the time and effort needed in this process.  

For homes that cannot store Remix packs or prefer to make their own cocopeat powder, we have CocoBrick! Compact and all natural, these cocopeat blocks also ensure ease-of-use.  All you need to do is add 1 teaspoon of Compost Microbes every time you add cocopeat made from CocoBrick to the compost pile.

Comparing Daily Dump Remix Powder and CocoBrick for composting

Understand the goodness of Remix Powder 

🪄 Remix Powder accelerates the process of decomposition

Remix powder contains a culture of cellulolytic and lignolytic microbes mixed with magnesium silicate. This is a natural and safe accelerator that speeds up composting

🪄 Remix powder ensures smell-free composting

It uses the absorption strength of cocopeat to soak up the liquid released during composting (leachate). That means no more gooey, sticky or smelly piles.

🪄 Remix powder ensures better aeration

Remix powder is light and airy, creating plenty of gaps in the compost pile. This, along with the holes in the outer surface of Daily Dump composters, keep oxygen flowing - eliminating the need to stir and stopping stinky odours from forming.

🪄 Remix powder has the right type of carbon

Remix Powder has the right type of carbon for composting. It has the ideal particulate size and surface area and so does not lead to compaction or big lumps that block air. Its high lignin content adds to the nutrient value of the done compost and boosts root health.

🪄 Remix powder ensures great potting mix 

Compost produced using Remix Powder reduces the amount of cocopeat that you need to add in your final potting mix. In fact, you can directly plant some varieties of seeds into your compost.

The correct moisture content and enough oxygen are keys to no smell composting. Start with Remix Powder or CocoBrick and we can guarantee that you will soon be on your way to becoming a composting ustad!

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Choose CocoBrick for your home composter 

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