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Leave it Pot | Terracotta Outdoor Row Composter


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Dimensions (inches)Total 20"H * 17"Dia 
Capacity1kg of kitchen waste daily - per pair of Small Leave it Pots 
How it worksSee the video here
Contents 1 unit + 1 lid + instruction sheet  
Materialhandcrafted terracotta 
UsageOutdoor aerobic row composter - garden, terrace, utility area, basement 
Ideal forFamily of 4-5 persons in independent homes 

The Leave it Pot is a great 2 in 1 home compost bin. It can be used in pairs or more as a row composter for everyday kitchen waste or as a single maturation unit for half-done compost. 2 Small Leave it Pots can be used as row composters for a family of 4-5 persons. They are ideal for homes with outdoor space. Great option for elderly folks or those who want to avoid lifting and shifting units. Comes with an instruction sheet on how to use.


Directions for use 

Use as row composter

  • Line up 2 or more Leave it Pots, depending on the amount of kitchen waste generated. 
  • Spread a sheet of newspaper and handful of Remix Powder on base of each unit
  • Layer your kitchen waste with Remix Powder daily, for smell free and fool proof composting.
  • Fill one pot at a time
  • Your first pot should be ready for harvest by the time your last pot is full (about 45 days). 

Use as maturation unit 

  • Due to their size and aeration, Leave it Pots are great to leave half-done compost for good maturation.  
  • You can add some Panchagavya and Neem oil once a month to further enrich the compost. 
  • Watch video and read included handbook for more details

Our terracotta products are handmade by craftspeople and will vary slightly in size & form from the photograph. This product is covered by a Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike license. Any other products or accessories shown in the photographs are for representational purpose only.

Our terracotta products cannot be shipped outside Bengaluru. They are also available at Daily Dump outlets in select cities. Scroll below to check the rate in your city.

  • Minimum online order Rs. 200 
  • Composting is a slow process, all our deliveries take at least 10 working days 
  • This product is available online and at our main store in Bengaluru 
  • Also available at Daily Dump outlets in select cities. 
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  • Delivery charges based on your location.

Download How to Use Sheet

  • Description

    • Ideal home compost bin for independent homes with outdoor space.
    • Use Leave it Pot in pairs to manage daily kitchen waste
    • Use single units for compost maturation and storage
    • Every pair in use keep away up to 350 kgs of waste from landfill yearly
    • Modular design ensures replacement of parts is cost-effective.
    • Designed to regulate moisture and airflow.
    • Handcrafted terracotta, made by artisan communities.
    • Refer video for how it works, comes with an instruction sheet.
  • Care

    • Use outdoors- away from direct rain.
    • The inside does not need to be cleaned when restarting a cycle.
    • Use a fly protector or thin cotton cloth as inner lid to keep away fruit flies
    • If white scales appear over time, rub surface with tamarind paste and wipe clean.
    • Wipe with wet cloth when dusty.
    • Paint patterns using water based exterior emulsion paints.
    • Terracotta needs careful handling. Keep safe from pets or accidental knocking over. 
  • Warranty

    • All our products are quality checked.
    • Please check the material when you pick up from store or when it is delivered to you.
    • We will be unable to entertain a complaint once you have accepted the product and our person has left your premises.
    • Replacement parts available.
    • Terracotta is breakable so do handle with care
    • In case you receive a damaged item do contact us within 7 days of receipt.
    • Email us a few photographs with the order number to hello@dailydump.org

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